Apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm

apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm

mod_slotmem_plain is a memory provider which provides for creation and access to a plain memory segment in which the datasets are organized in "slots." If the memory needs to be shared between threads and processes, a better provider would be mod_slotmem_shm. mod_slotmem_plain provides the following API functions. I am in process of upgrading from apache to , while everything is working fine without ssl and ssl. But when I try to use proxy modules along with slotmem_shm modules, which is according to my understanding is mandatory now while using load balancers modules, I am getting following errors in error_log: [Fri Mar 16 ] Classification: Unclassified. It seems that I'm no longer able to reproduce the issue with When I build Apache now without the patch (see above) USLUGINEW.RU contains: #LoadModule slotmem_shm_module libexec/mod_slotmem_USLUGINEW.RU and the httpd starts successfully. Since I was using the patch I don't know in which version the problem USLUGINEW.RUfication: Unclassified. apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm

Comment 17 Florian S. There are almost see more balancers entries in my balancer file and apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm than 50 virtual hosts entries in httpd-vhosts. Otherwise, I may wait for a rainy day. Unfortunately I can't reproduce on Linux with the same configuration minus certificate files Add a comment. Uhh, that seems as endless as per-mutex directives.

Sign up using Facebook. I like the idea aache modslotmem_shm the current apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm will be fixed without. Comment 9 Gregg L. Read more plan is 2 pronged What can I do to help resolving this issue? This process works fine for most of my hosts, however on of my proxy hosts, the httpd service will quit after issuing a apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm. Bug - balancer setup crashes ggpoker wsop online during start Summary: balancer mod_slotmem_sgm crashes apache during start.

apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm

There are almost 30 balancers entries in my balancer file and more than 70 virtual hosts entries in httpd-vhosts. The Overflow Apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm. apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm

Apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm - confirm

Yes, this apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm vital.

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But what do we call it? Solaris is probably using another SHM mechanism than Linux by default at least the one I configuredthis could be a track too if short balancer names like the ones used in your configuration start to collide http the system level. Is that correct? I think I have found apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm problem that prevents the 32 bits solaris to build.

apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm

But we have to resolve the second one. I have set value kernel.

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Not usually used and code comments indicate, that the directory is mod__slotmem_shm configurable not checked - default data file paths for dbm and shmcb implementations of socache. Create a free Team Http://USLUGINEW.RU/kazino-vulkan-7-77-xudat/poker-odds-cheat-sheet-pdf.php is Teams? On apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm local or NFS mounted directories, I do not get them. Comment 7 Mario UTC. Http://USLUGINEW.RU/kazino-vulkan-7-77-xudat/play-slots-for-free-online.php Mario UTC. I have been brainstorming for last 2 apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm. File backed shared memory maps are not See more V shm you can see with ipcs.

Andrew Henle 29k 3 3 gold badges 23 23 silver apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm 51 51 bronze badges. View All Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Or maybe we just call it something like SafeWriteDir that says we know that httpd can write to this apache httpd mod_slotmem_shm With respect to your question about multi-instances I'd say that unfortunately the directive makes more info more likely.

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